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The Kamdhenu University is the principle agency for research activities to be carried out in Veterinary, Animal Husbandry, Dairy, Fisheries and Allied Sciences throughout the State of Gujarat. Kamdhenu University emphasizes in prioritizing and undertaking R&D programmes especially in indigenous cattle and Human Resource Development activities on production/ productivity/profitability/sustainability of livestock production system to provide livelihood and nutritional securities to the increasing human population. Research is the hub to convert ideas into hypothesis, develop protocols into techniques. Eventually these enormous efforts and brainstorming gets converted into technology and revolution. Kamdhenu University has started showing its repercussion in the field of research and education.

The research mandate of Kamdhenu University is to excel in research output by adopting cutting edge technologies which benefits Animal Owners in the field and man in the street. To accomplish the vision of Kamdhenu University initial long strides in research have been made. College of Dairy Science, Amreli, has bagged one research project from DBT worth Rs. 46.45 lakhs. The project is on "Development of Nano-tag and thread based micro fluidic system biosensor for detection of Aflatoxin M1 in milk".

National e-Governance Division (NeGD), New Delhi sanctioned Rs. 30 lakh to Kamdhenu University for e-Animal Health Card (e-AHC). e-AHC is envisaged to improve animal productivity through maintaining e-AHC at village, taluka and district level. It will give unique identification to the livestock which will help to have systemic recording of data on production, reproduction and other aspects. This will help to increase socio-economic status of the livestock farmers.

Faculty of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry

  • Assessment of optimum thermal humidity index for dairy cattle.
  • Epidemiological surveillance of important diseases of cattle and buffaloes in milk shed area of Sabarkantha District.
  • Study on animal husbandry practices of dairy animals in relation to women empowerment in Sabarkantha District.
  • Dynamics of vaginal metabiota during estrous cycle and its association with reproductive hormones in Bubalus Bubalis.

Faculty of Dairy Science

  • Development of Probiotic fortified Soy Food for the health and Nutritional Benefits of Elderly Population.
  • Bio-Conjugation of Iron oxide/Gold Nanoparticles for the detection of Aflatoxin M1 in Milk.
  • Development of Nano-tag and Thread based micro fluidic system biosensor for detection of Aflatoxin M1 in milk.
  • Nanotechnology based dipstick for the instant detection of milk adulterants.
  • Development of milk–beetroot based fiber enriched low calorie Burfi.
  • Detection of oil adulteration in milk by chromatographic methods in-tandem with chromogenic methods.
  • Process optimization of milk based peanut thabdi.

Faculty of Fisheries Science

  • Complete Nutritional Profiling of a Few Locally Available Ingredients to Design Economically Viable Aqua Feed (AGRESCO Project).
  • Comparative Study of Integrated Farming of Indian Major Carp With Muscle (Lamellidens Marginalis) and Indian Major Carp (AGRESCO Project).
  • Growth Performance and Feed Utilization Using Alternative Lipid Source to Replace Valuable Fish Oil in the Diet of Oreochromisniloticus fry.
  • Impact of Higher Salinities on Shrimp in Saurashtra Region.
  • Development of Biofloc Using Selected Organic Carbon Sources and Its Effect on Survival and Growth Performance of Jayanti Rohu [Labeorohita (Hamilton, 1822)].
  • Comparative Study of Jayanti Rohu and Rohu (Labeorohita (Hamilton, 1822) Under Biofloc System Using Selected Organic Carbon Sources.
  • Molecular Characterization of Selected Seaweed Species Along Saurashtra Coast of Gujarat Using DNA Barcoding Technique.

AGRESCO Proceedings

Veterinary and Animal Science Research Council (VASRC)

Planning Board

Section – 20 of the Act provides for a Planning Board of University as one of the authorities. Therefore, as prescribed in Section – 31, the Vice Chancellor constituted the Planning Board of the University. The constitution of Planning Board is given below.

  • The Vice Chancellor, Ex-officio Chairman.
  • Officer of University as specified in Clauses(iii) to (vi) of Section – 10.
  • Not more than five persons who possess high academic qualification and experience in the respective field of planning nominated by the Planning Board.

The term of the nominated members of the Planning Board shall be of two years. The Planning Board provides guidelines for perspective plan of the University, Annual Development Plan in accordance with the State/National Plan It also,

  • Review the progress of different schemes.
  • Update the master plan of the University.

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