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Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


The Vision of Kamdhenu University is to be the National Leader in Education and Research in the fields of Veterinary and Allied Sciences.


The Mission of Kamdhenu University is

  • To excel in Education and Research and make advancement in all the fields of learning leading to welfare of all living beings.
  • To shape the students into compassionate professionals.
  • To promote productivity of animals/livestock and aquaculture through dissemination of knowledge empowering the stakeholders in the respective sectors.

Goals and Objectives

The main Goals and Objectives of Kamdhenu University are as follows:

  • Making provision for imparting education in Veterinary and Allied Sciences.
  • Furthering the advancement of learning and conducting of Research in Veterinary and Allied Sciences.
  • Undertaking the extension education through appropriate media in Veterinary and Allied Sciences.
  • Making provision for the study of basic sciences with a view of supporting other professional studies and thereby integrating such studies in the University curriculum.
  • Undertaking the integration of Teaching, Research and Extension education in Veterinary and Allied Sciences with a view of promoting the productivity of animals and livestock.
  • Conferring such degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic distinctions as the University may deem fit.
  • To develop qualified Livestock, Poultry, Dairy and Fisheries entrepreneurs for uplifting the rural standards and to provide advisory services to the Industries, Livestock Entrepreneurs, Government and Non- Government organizations (NGO's).

Through Education, Research and Extension activities, the above said Goals and Objectives of the University are to be fulfilled in the manner defined in power and functions of the University

Veterinary Council of India
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