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Ambulatory and other health services
Ambulatory and other health services

Ambulatory and other health services

Ambulatory Clinics, Village Sanoda, Kamdhenu Univeristy Gandhinagar

Animal husbandry sector plays a key role in enhancing GDP of India through milk farmers. Infertility among dairy animals is a major problem which causes economic losses to the farmers and needs quick solutions. Ever increasing human population enhances demand for milk, which results in production stress to the dairy animals. This demands of dairy animals to improve production status. In this context, Ambulatory services is a way of treating dairy animals at farmer’s doorstep.

Kamdhenu University started ambulatory clinics on July 7, 2016 at Village Sanoda, Ta Dehagam Dist: Gandhinagar. Since then Ambulatory clinic rendered endless service at village level. The ambulatory clinic is also participating in village, taluka and district level camps jointly with Department of Animal Husbandry, Government of Gujarat and other agencies. Till today Ambulatory services treated nearly 6000 animals at Sandoa and 7500 (apx) in 23 clinical camps.

Veterinary Council of India
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